Keynote Marketing Speaker

Keynote Marketing Speaker

Poor Etiquette

It is crucial that you hire the best keynote marketing speaker to ensure that your event is a success. However, securing the services of a leading keynote marketing speaker is only half of the process. You have to make the event go along smoothly and the speaker has to have adequate time to prepare. For this, businesses need to know the basics of treating the speaker they have hired for the event. Some good old hospitality is in the cards once you have decided who the speaker is going to be at your event. After all, you have to make sure that the speaker views your business in a positive light. Besides, you can expect the speaker to put in extra effort if you have treated him/her right. So, without further ado, here are some tips to help you treat your keynote marketing speaker the right way.
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Confirm the Details

The first thing you need to do is to confirm the details of the contract. This includes finalizing the remuneration as well as the date and time of the event. The last thing you want to do is have the speaker unprepared on the day of the event. Also, you have to outline the theme or topic of the speech the speaker has to make. Discussing the fee is also important to avoid any hassle later on. So sort out these details the first time you meet the keynote marketing speaker.

Handle the Logistics

Next on the agenda are the logistics. Logistical arrangements can be a pain, especially if the keynote marketing speaker is coming from out of town. You have to handle the travel arrangements, including the tickets, and send someone to pick them up. You also need to provide adequate accommodation, so choose a nice hotel for this purpose. Now most speakers handle logistics and accommodation themselves or include it in their remuneration package, but offering these will be a nice gesture at your end.

Discuss the Arrangements and Setup

Once the speaker has signed the contract, it is a good idea to go over the arrangements and setup of the event. The speaker needs to know more than just the theme to prepare accordingly. For instance, the speaker may want to know if you’re equipped to show a PowerPoint presentation as part of the speech or plan for him/her to use a headset or podium. These are things that need to be discussed before the final preparations for the event begin.

Take on the Tasks of Introducing and Promoting the Speaker

Before the event, you have to promote the speaker. Keynote speakers appreciate this as it helps create a buzz about their business. Moreover, you also need to make sure you have the right information about the speaker when introducing him/her. It is a good idea to ask the speaker for important information about his/her experience and area of expertise.
These are some of the tips businesses can follow to work with a keynote marketing speaker properly. However, if you haven’t found one just yet, consider Darrin Cates. Skilled in many different types of online marketing, Darrin will be a valuable addition to your conferences. So, get in touch with him today and see what he can bring to your next business event.