Marketing Speaker Programs

If you are looking for a marketing speaker with expertise and a fun style, then check out one of Darrin Cates’ programs below. There are many different programs that cover many aspects of marketing, including social media, SEO, mobile marketing, pay-per-click marketing, remarketing, as well as other types of digital marketing.

WTH – What the…Help!

With the innundation of social media and mobile devices, the way we communicate in today’s world has changed. Limited character space (and limited attention spans) has produced what is almost a whole new language. In this program, Darrin helps people learn how to interpret all the acronyms, abbreviations and different ways people communicate on Twitter, Facebook and via text messages. It’s a fun look at the proper way to respond to customers,prospects and constituents in today’s digital age.

World Wide…Whoa!

What you need to know to make your website effective for your business
Things are changing fast in the digital world. Widgets, social media, platforms, SEO and other phrases are thrown around by vendors, sales people and IT departments. But what does it all mean? Are you and your website keeping up? This program is an insightful look at the basics of what makes a great website for a business or organization.
Darrin Cates


Crossing the Digital Divide

Using Cool Social Media Tools

An informative and entertaining look at marketing via social media. It’s time to learn how to join the communication stream and avoid the interruptions. Using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can be extremely valuable in marketing your business. But you better have the right approach and the right tools to achieve your goals.

Keeping the “Social” in Social Media Social

5 Ways to make your social media communications more effective
Social networking is all the rage. Millions of people use these tools daily. But too often organizations treat this medium as technology and not as interpersonal communication tools. Darrin takes an indepth look at how to add personal touches when communicating via the major social networks. It’s an exciting look at a complicated subject.

Unlocking Google’s Power

Must-have tips on understanding how to make Google work for you
The search engine giant can provide wonderful opportunities for businesses of all types. In this program, Darrin discusses how to tap into the countless searches for products and services. It includes entertaining examples of what to do – and what not to do.

Creating Word-of-Mouth with your Hands

What you need to know to get people talking about you!
Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have created great opportunities for companies, businesses and individuals to spread the word about their products or services. A “like” from Facebook creates instant advocacy from trusted individuals. This program is a fun-filled hour about how to create “word-of-thumb” endorsements from social media users.

Online Marketing: Use it or Lose Them?

An informative and entertaining look at online marketing, including social media, banner advertising and search engine marketing. In this basic overview, Darrin keeps it simple and lively, teaching what are the best and most cost-effective online tactics.

Customizable Programs

Darrin can customize any of the programs listed here to meet the needs of you and your group. He can also address any social media, online marketing, mobile marketing and search engine marketing topics you like. And, he does it it all in a compelling, and entertaining way. Contact him with details about your next event.