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SEO Speaker – What to Look For

Finding a good SEO speaker is tough to say the least. In fact, finding Waldo may prove to be easier than finding an SEO keynote speaker who knows his/her stuff. Regardless of where you look, most SEO speakers appear to be the same. They talk about the same things, use the same promotional methods and project themselves as the best. Therefore, you have to be careful when making your decision. Do not hire an SEO speaker before considering some important factors.

SEO Speaker


There are three types of SEO speakers you can choose from:

1. All Substance, No Style – This is the kind of speaker who is likely to give a detailed presentation with statistics and facts and figures. The speaker has intricate knowledge of SEO but their public oration skills aren’t up to the mark. As a result, this kind of SEO speaker will put the audience to sleep.
2. All Style, No Substance – These are the opposite of the type of SEO speakers described above. They have great communication skills but don’t provide in-depth SEO knowledge. So, your event will go by smoothly but the audience won’t learn a thing.
3. Experts – Experts are speakers who have been there, done that. They share their experience of working in SEO with the audience and engage them. They are most likely to get audience members walking up to them after the event and asking questions. This is the type of SEO speaker you have to look for.

Experience with SEO

The best possible person you can hire to deliver an SEO keynote speech is an SEO entrepreneur. There are a staggering number of SEO businesses operating today, so finding one shouldn’t be a trouble. Hiring a successful SEO entrepreneur virtually guarantees the success of your event. The SEO speaker will share the secrets to success with the audience and provide the guidance they need to master SEO.

Past Speeches

A great way to find the right SEO speaker for your event to watch videos of the past speeches the speaker has made. The internet has made it easier for you to locate such videos, YouTube being the most likely source. You can analyze the style of speaking as well as the quality of content the speaker is delivering to the audience.


There are a lot of SEO speakers out there that keep talking about the same thing over and over. So, you have to find someone who can offer original content that is enlightening for the audience. If the audience already knows something, there is no point spending money on hiring an SEO speaker to talk about the same thing. This is something you can discuss when interviewing candidates for the job.
Keep these factors in mind when looking for an SEO keynote speaker and you will be able to find the right one.However, you can cut your search short since all these traits are easily found in Darrin Cates. Darrin is an experienced and qualified SEO speaker who provides valuable insight and tips the audience can easily follow. He also speaks on online marketing and social media, which ensures you more value for your money and a comprehensive speech that covers all aspects. So, get in touch with him today. Contact Darrin